Potential For Solutions


The Innovation Challenge aims to drive new ideas within different areas around the electricity sector. These three challenge tracks have been identified as areas that are ripe for disruption.  Each of the tracks are aligned with the sponsor supporting. 

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Consumer Solutions

A power shift is occurring around the world as new technology allows consumers greater choice in how they purchase and use electricity.

The Consumer Solutions track focuses on innovation aimed at delivering value and improved utility for residential, commercial or industrial customers by using new consumer technologies.

Examples might include:

  • Data analytics and artificial intelligence to assist consumer decisions
  • Consumer device integration, control and automation systems
  • Peer-to-peer trading platforms
  • User interface and mobile software platforms
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Network Solutions

As solar, storage and electric vehicles become more prevalent utilities are under increasing pressure to adapt and manage fast-changing demands on local networks.

The Network Solutions track focuses on innovation around creating new value for distribution network operations through customer participation, integration and utilisation of distributed energy resources. 

Examples might include:

  • Analysis and incentives for network support services
  • Remote monitoring and management of distributed energy resources.

The Future Grid

Aging assets, distributed generation and changing demand patterns are making grid maintenance and investment decisions more challenging every day.

The Future Grid track focuses on innovation that can enhance utilities and established generators ability to plan and optimise future investments by considering changing demand patterns and the increasing integration of distributed energy resources. 

Examples might include:

  • Flexible/modular network assets,
  • Remote asset monitoring,
  • Asset analytics and network modelling tools etc.