terms & Conditions



The Innovation Challenge is open to individuals and teams with two or more members residing in New Zealand.

Participants must be 16 years or older to be eligible to participate in the competition. Participants under the age of 18 are required to acquire a consent from their parent or guardian for participating in the competition. Please include this in your entry.

Employees of official sponsors or organising partners are permitted to enter the competition and be considered for a finalist/winner spot and associated support benefits but will not be eligible for cash prizes.



All finalists and the grand-prize winner are solely responsible for all applicable taxes related to the acceptance of the prizes.

No prize alternatives will be offered.

Prizes are non-transferable. Entrants are not allowed to enter arrangements to share prizes.



Your entry is yours to create. Use the Evaluation Criteria included in this Pack to assist in what information you include.

  • Your entry must include:
  • Your full name, email, and phone number
  • An Entry Title, including a Challenge Track
  • All relevant drawings, diagrams, etc. necessary to evaluate the entry.

Your entry must be in the following format:

  • 2 page (A4) PDF document
  • Arial / Calabri font (or similar), 10pt minimum
  • It should be legible, and not handwritten.
  • Less than 15MB, including all attachments

Supplementary information may be included as:

  • A video link (video must be less than 2 minutes long)
  • A website link to display prototyping, supporting information/research, etc

Your entry must be able to evaluated on its own -any supporting information may or may not be considered in evaluation of your entry.

Once you Register, the Challenge Pack you receive will contain more detailed information about your submission and its requirements. 


Competitors can participate in the competition more than once with different submissions and as a part of different teams or individually by submitting a separate entry. Multiple submissions on the same entry form will not be accepted.

In each Challenge track entries can be based on hardware or software solutions, or any other sort of technology or system, as long as it is explained.

Entrants are allowed and encouraged to share experiences, data, and lessons learnt as part of the competition. It is expected that entrants (individuals or teams) will develop their own unique solutions and documentation. It is recognised that some hardware and software (code and algorithms) may be replicated and all existing information should be explicitly referenced.

It is strictly prohibited to copy your submission, in part or in full, from Internet resources, books or other sources. If any external knowledge is used, it should be explicitly referenced.

All submitted material should be presented in English.

Only proposals received before the deadline will be eligible to participate in the competition. We cannot take responsibility for lost, delayed or damaged entries.

Submissions that haven’t been delivered according to these terms and all other rules and guidelines, or submissions that are incomplete or illegible (in accordance with the organisers’ opinion) may be disqualified from the competition.


Judging Process

Following the deadline, a dedicated assessment team will judge all the completed entries and select up to six finalists. The finalists will be contacted individually between

See the Challenge Pack for a more detailed description of the judging criteria.

There is no pre-set allocation of finalist-positions for each Challenge track. Finalist-positions are not dependant on the number of entrants in each Challenge track.

Entries will be judged by a dedicated assessment team comprising commercialisation experts, sector specialists and industry experts.

The assessment team will ensure a consistent standard of marking is applied across all tracks, and make a final decision on finalists.

The assessment team reserve the right to select less than six finalists if likely performance of entries are not considered sufficient to deliver future commercial outcomes.

The assessment team also reserve the right to not select a grand-prize winner, if the level of performance of entries is not considered sufficient to deliver future commercial outcomes.

Organisers reserve the right to replace and change members of the assessment team at any time during the competition.

Judges will be required to declare any conflict of interest pertaining to competition entries as soon as they become aware. Organisers will assess and communicate any changes required to maintain a fair and impartial judging process.

The judge’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.


General Rules & Conditions

Personal information submitted for the Innovation Challenge will be kept confidential.

The organisers reserve the right to amend competition technical challenges, rules and conditions at any time by providing written notification to all registered entrants.

For participants aged 16-17, organisers reserve the right to request verification of a parent's or guardian's consent to their child's entry into the competition.

Competition organisers reserve the right to disqualify any participant who was under the age of 18 at the time of entry and who did not obtain the consent of their parent or guardian to enter the competition.

By entering into the competition, all participants confirm that they have complied with all applicable laws, including Electricity Authority rules and regulations.

Competition organisers are not responsible for any damage, loss, or disappointment suffered by participants who participate in this competition, or who wish to participate in the competition.



By entering the Innovation Challenge participants agree that submitted entry information (noted as being “open to the public”) could be used as a part of the contest-related public communications and promotional materials, without additional payment or permission from the authors.

Organisers have the right to publish and showcase aspects of competition entries, which are noted as being “open to the public”, in part or entirely, in any way deemed appropriate. Participants warrant that they have the legal right to grant us these rights and they agree to compensate the organisers in case we are affected by any loss because of falsified information that has been provided by the applicant.

Copyright of all submissions remains the intellectual property of the authors.

All intellectual property rights shall remain the property of the owner (i.e. entrants). Finalists can elect to restrict observation of their demonstrations or presentations to the Innovation Challenge finalist panel only.